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Welcome or farewell tea ceremonies for international [...]
students are held at a tea room on campus.
学内にあるお茶室で、留学 送別 茶会 が開 かれます。
The Farewell Party 2008” was held to look back at MISHOP activities throughout the year as well as to bring Japanese members and foreign citizens together.
年末に1 年間のMISHOPの活動を振り返るとともに、日本人会員と外国籍市民との親睦を深めるため、「フェアウェ ルパーティー2008」を実施します。
We hold a farewell party at the end of the year for the purpose of exchange between non-Japanese citizens and MISHOP members.
MISHOPで活動している外国籍市民とボランティア会員の交流のため、年送りのパーティーを開催していま す。
This documentary uses a treasure trove of images to track the outpouring of emotion at their farewell concert.
At that moment, the wind gained force, as
[...] so frequently happened with his farewells.
ナタンが誰か別れるとはよ く強い風が吹く。
The body would be placed in front of the family home, and
family and friends would carry wine to offer respects to the deceased and stroke the
[...] body to express their final farewells.
一般的な葬儀としては、遺体を親友の家の前に運び、親友がお酒で死者に別れを告げ、遺体を撫で がら 決別の 意を 表す というものです。
Keiya HANABUCHI (ILCAA Joint Researcher,
Health Sciences University of Hokkaido) “Immigrant links to the Home: A
[...] Comorian womans farewells and reunions in [...]
花渕馨也(AA研共同研究員,北海道医療大学) 「移民と故郷のつながり-マルセイユにおけるあるコモロ 性の 別れ
(4) When a Protection Order is issued, and it is known that the petitioner has sought counseling or has requested assistance or protection from the personnel at a Spousal Violence Counseling and Support Center and the Written Petition includes matters listed in Article 12, paragraph 1, item 5(a) to (d) pertaining to the said fact, the clerk of the court shall promptly notify the gist and contents of the protection order to the chief of the Spousal Violence Counseling and Support Center whose name is entered in the said Written Petition (in cases where the names of more than two Spousal Violence Counseling and Support Centers are entered in the Written Petition, the last one entered where the petitioner sought counseling or asked for assistance or protection from the personnel).
保護命令を発した場合において、申立人が配偶者暴力相談支援センターの職員に対し相談し、又は援助若しくは 保護を求めた事実があり、かつ、申立書に当該事実に係る第十二条第一項第五号イからニまでに掲げる事項の記 載があるときは、裁判所書記官は、速やかに、保護命令を発した旨及びその内容を、当該申立書に名称が記載さ れた配偶者暴力相談支援センター(当該申立書に名称が記載された配偶者暴力相談支援センターが二以上ある場 合にあっては、申立人がその職員に対し相談し、又は援助若しくは保護を求めた日時が最も遅い配偶者暴力相談 支援センター)の長に通知するものとする。
Reason for the proposal: The abilities of
[...] [...] Outside Directors of the Company are doubtful, and it is obvious from the changes in share prices that there has been no remarkable increase in shareholder value in the last 10 years and that the effective increase of corporate value has not yet been achieved.
提案の理由 当社社外取締役の能力には疑問があり、過去10年間において顕著な株主価値増加は見 られず、実効性のある企業価値の増加が未達成であることは、株価推移から 明らかで ある
Obedience is the basis of a life of true happiness and lasting value.
従うこと こそが、真の幸福と永遠の価値がある人生の基礎なのです。
At the time around 1998, Jeff's second son Joshua was studying at a Japanese
university, and Jeff and his wife had decided to attend
[...] Director Kurosawa's farewell ceremony in addition [...]
to visiting their son.
1998年当時、ジェフの次男ジョシュアが日本の大学に留学しており、ジェフと妻ナタリーは息子に会うこと も兼ねて黒 澤監 お別れ会 する ことにした。
But getting
[...] factories to take responsibility for that themselves is far more effective and lasting.
しかし、 工 場 に自発 的に責 任を持 ってもらうことははるか に 効果で長持ちします。
Under these conditions, our
[...] consolidated sales for the third quarter were 45,350 million yen (65.7% decrease from the same quarter last year), and the consolidated operating loss of 22,343 million yen was recorded (The same quarter last year: consolidated operating income of 10,028 million yen).
このような状況のもとで、当第3四半期における連結売上高は45,350百万円(前年同四半期比65.7% 減少)とな り連結営業損失は22,343百万円(前年同四半期は10,028百万円の連結営業利益)となりました。
Under the present conditions, our
[...] [...] consolidated sales were 28,834 million yen (51.5% increase from the same period last year), consolidated operating loss was 1,318 million yen (the same period last year: consolidated operating loss of 4,777 million yen), consolidated ordinary loss was 1,290 million yen (the same period last year: consolidated ordinary loss of 5,644 million yen) and consolidated net loss was 1,267 million yen (the same period last year: quarterly net loss of 5,510 million yen).
こうした状況のもとで、当第1四半期連結累計期間における売上高は28,834百万円(前年同四半期比5 1.5%増) となり、営業損失は1,318百万円(前年同四半期は4,777百万円の営業損失)、経常損失は1,29 0百万円(前年同四 半期は5,644百万円の経常損失)、四半期純損失は1,267百万円(前年同四半期は5,510百万円の 四半期純損失)と なりました。
This road movie, which reunites Poppoya director Furuhata
Yasuo and star Takakura Ken, gently
[...] depicts meetings and farewells between various [...]
people through the prism of a couple's deep love for one another.
鉄道員(ぽっぽや)』で知られる降旗康男監督が再び主演に高倉健を迎えて撮り上げたロードムービー。ある夫 婦の深い愛を通し、さまざまな人の 会い 別れを 寧に 描く
The microgravity environment created by a
[...] parabolic flight only lasts a number of seconds. [...]
However, the use of accumulated technical
knowledge with regard to small animal experiments will enable experiments conducted by suborbital flights, in which microgravity duration reaches several minutes, or even the development of small animal experimental devices with which an experiment can be conducted on the ISS for several months.
パラボリックフライトで得られる微小重力環 は数 秒単 位であったが,これまでに蓄積してきた [...]
小動物実験技術を利用することにより,数分単位の実験を可能にするサブオービタルフライトや 数ヶ月単位での実験を可能とするISS搭載向けの小動物実験装置の実現も可能である.
If early intervention measures do not achieve their objectives and
[...] there is a risk of lasting incapacity for work, [...]
invalidity insurance authorities examine
whether further rehabilitation measures, such as those usually applied to persons receiving benefits under the invalidity insurance scheme, should be taken.
早期介入で目的が達成されず、就労不能 状態 続く可 があ れば、障害保険当局が、通常傷害保険の受給者に適用されるリハビリ措置など、さらなる措置が [...]
At the same time, the Japanese economy requires a real growth strategy in order to achieve a lasting revival, and participation in the TPP trade arrangement as well as a stable supply of electricity are absolutely necessary to achieve this.
但し、真の成長戦略に基づく日本経済の再建が求められており、その観点 から もT PPへの早期参画や、電力の安定供給は必須であり、新政権には、期待を確信に変えていけるような政策運営が 問われています。