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これで正しいですか "amago" (スペイン語) ?

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River fishes such as ayu (sweet smelt), iwana
[...] (mountain trout), amago (Biwa trout) and yamame [...]
(landlocked salmon) are a delicious
treat raised in famous waters.
アユ、イワナアマゴ、メな どの川魚は、名水が生み育てた食の恵みだ。
The Yoshino River, a leading example of a clear stream in Shikoku, is often called the Mother River of
Tokushima Prefecture and is home to such river
[...] fishes as ayu and amego (amago), which have become [...]
special products of that area.
四国を代表する清流のひとつ、吉野川は徳島県の“母なる川”ともいわれ、アユ、 ゴ( アマゴ どの 川魚 をはじめとする数々の特産品を育てている。